Reghin Orphanage

The following information was provided by Pastor Attila Toth who is looking to start an orphanage near Reghin in Romania.

Over the years we have had significant problems with housing homeless children. This situation can arise for various reasons. The reason these children end up as ‘orphans’ isn’t just because their parents have died. It maybe that parents abandon their children, are forced to work far away or even go to prison. This then leaves us in the situation where we have children asking us if they can come and live with us in our homes. This is not possible in our present circumstances.

In view of these issues we have for a number of years been thinking what can we do for these children? After much prayer and thought we felt that the best thing is for us to have a home specially for those in these situations. The home will have house parents living there so that these children have a father and mother figure.

The present situation is as follows. The external structure of the orphanage building has now been almost completed. We still have to put the roof on, but I think I have enough money to finish that. After the roof is on the expert says I am not even half way in the cost of building. So any support is very needed. We expect our house parents to be able to move in next year assuming it is finished. Our first children will move in shortly after that. This also depends on if we have sufficient support. Our next challenge will be the running costs. We will need 200 Euros per child per month.

Orphanage Under Construction