Apalina Teleios Food Bank

Over 200 families fed through the winter.

For many years FAST UK has helped to finance an emergency food bank for some of the poorest families living in the village of Apalina and villages in the surround area. We were asked to help when Pastor Attila Toth realised that some families were trying to survive on one or two small meals per week. In the summer months it is possible for families to survive on gleanings from locally grown crops but in winter this is quite impossible; with temperatures dropping to –22c the ground is covered with snow and ice.

With the money we send Pastor Attila Toth is able to purchase good basic food locally, this food is then distributed by him according to need. On a recent visit Pastor Attila Toth told a trustee of FAST UK that the funds provided have enabled people to have enough to eat through the harsh winters and, in a few cases, prevented people from starving to death.

Currently it costs about £10 per family to provide a package that will last a few days, but this cost is increasing; can you help someone eat well this winter?.

UK Registered Charity: 1140963
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