Hope In Action

Hope In Action are currently raising money for a new minibus. If you would like more information please visit the JustGiving page. You can donate on that page or via one of the methods on our donate page.

Hope In Action is a Romanian charity run by Alina and Avram that seeks to help the Rroma children in the villages of Zizin and Tarlungeni as well as helping people build or improve their houses.

This is what Alina says about the charity: "I believe that this is my call to God, and I wish I could do more for other families, and now that I think that there is a possibility in the future to do such a thing in Zizin, it is a great joy, a place where I was born. There are many children in need of help, physics and hospital. Zizin Mission House we want it to be a place where children can learn that they are very valuable and loved by God, to be a place where they can come to feel loved and God to be able to prosper in their lives."

Below are a couple of videos. The first is Alina showing you round the in progress Mission House in Zizin. The second is Alina explaining the work they do with the children.

UK Registered Charity: 1140963
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